Diesel & Paraffin

Diesel & ParaffinDiesel

Diesel is most widely used as a fuel to propel agricultural, mining, transport machinery and vehicles. Although there are other uses for diesel the above-mentioned form the bulk of the total volume.

At Paradise Store, we deliver diesel directly to users’ own bulk storage. We pride ourselves on our 24-hour delivery time – from order to pump. In addition, we supply diesel with a sulphur content of 0.05 ppm.

Our drivers are trained annually, and the metering equipment checked and calibrated as required by SANS.
If you are an end-user of diesel in the Ladysmith area, give us a chance and you will be pleasantly surprised at our efficiency.


Illuminating Paraffin (IP), also known as kerosene, is widely used as a cooling fuel in SA house-holds and in particularly in rural areas. IP is a versatile product and has several advantages:

• Inexpensive appliances
• Easy to carry and transport
• Can be shared between households

Unfortunately, IP has over the years, earned a reputation as a dangerous fuel. This is mainly due to non-adherence to safety information and user ignorance.

IP can be used for:

• Cooling
• Heating
• Bakeries (ovens)
• Hot water boilers (hotels etc)
• Crop drying

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