Gas Installations

Registered Gas InstallerParadise Store carries out a variety gas installations tailor made for every industry. We have extensive experience in all types of gas installations – from simple domestic installations to intricate pipelines at industrial sites.

Always demand to see the qualification card of any installer working on your property.

Why use a registered gas installer?

• A registered installer will always look at the global picture, keeping in mind positioning, ventilation & fire hazards etc. This will ensure a happy appliance and a safe environment

• At completion of the installation or repairs, the registered installer will issue you with a compliance certificate

• The registered installer will understand the appliance requirement and will be able to advise you on the optimal installation

• Safety is always the most important aspect of the registered installer’s job

• In case of a fire, questions will be asked regarding your gas installation. If a registered installer was not used you may find yourself liable for damages

• DIY leads to DIE

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