LPGas Explained

LPGas, the clean-burning fuel

LPGas is a clean-burning fuel.LPGas is a clean-burning fuel which is utilised in a vapour state and can be extremely efficient and cost-effective in a wide variety of applications.

LPGas is manufactured at refineries world-wide and, to a certain degree, is a by-product of the petrol manufacturing process. When butane and propane are blended a product named Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) is formed.

When the vapour is mildly compressed it forms a liquid that makes it easy to store. Inside the cylinder we have LPGas under pressure as a liquid. The moment the valve is opened the pressure drops and the liquid vaporises at a rate of 1:250. One litre of LPG in its vaporised state will equate to 250 similar units.

At refineries, road tankers uplift LPGas and deliver it into storage at various distribution depots (such as ourselves) around the country. From here, gas is decanted into various cylinders sizes and applications types and then distributed to resellers or end users.


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