Safety & Characteristics

Your safety is our concern

Your safety is our concern

Cylinders at our plant are filled using the latest electronic filling equipment. This is important, because an overfilled cylinder can be very dangerous.

Cylinders undergo a pre-fill check to ensure there is no rust or dents present. After the cylinder is filled, a safety cap is fitted to the valve opening. Easigas is the only gas supplier in South Africa that uses this specific cap.

Your safety is our concern
All cylinder valves are inspected for leaks by hand, using a low-tech, but highly effective testing method.


After the cap is secured the valve and cap assembly is then shrink-wrapped using a pre-numbered sleeve. This is your guarantee that a cylinder has been filled and has not been tampered with.

 Safe use of LPGas

Never store LPGas in a confined space. NEVER tilt the cylinder. The valve should always be on top.

Always refill your cylinder at an accredited dealer.

If you smell gas, close the valve by turning it clockwise. Extinguish all sources of ignition and ventilate the area. Before lighting an appliance, always strike the match before opening the valve.

Ensure that your cylinder is in good condition. Read the instructions that come with your appliance.

It is good practise to have a fire extinguisher in your house.

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